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Our mission: a planet without waste

Our circular marketplaces give residual streams a new beginning.

What is waste to some is the starting point of a new product for others. We help to give residual streams from manufacturing a second life by bringing together suppliers and buyers of residual materials. In this way, this material is used in a smarter way, we reduce waste and we contribute to the world of tomorrow. Because: what about the earth?

Together we are stronger. Therefore, we offer the technology to connect buyers and suppliers of residual waste. From paper and textiles to PVC – we build simple all-in-one marketplaces in which your residual streams remain of value and are put to good use.

In this way, we counteract the large waste mountain, prevent unnecessary waste and reduce the need to make new material. This saves billions of liters of water, many kilos of pesticides and a huge amount of CO2 on an annual basis.

βœ… Prevent waste, have residual streams upcycled or recycled.
βœ… Get in touch with the right buyer in one convenient place.
βœ… Receive compensation for materials that would normally be discarded.

βœ… Contribute to a better world with an industry-wide platform.
βœ… Easily keep track of your offerings and sales.
βœ… And all that without paperwork, through an automated platform.


What we do.

We build circular marketplaces for selling and offering large quantities of residual streams. Through these simple applications, interested parties can purchase materials for upcycling or recycling. These include, for example, textiles, paper, concrete, plastics and concrete.

With those marketplaces, we bring large quantities of residual materials back into the chain. This is the solution for companies to do something meaningful with their waste streams and earn some extra money with them. At the same time, the marketplaces provide a place for upcyclers, recyclers and retailers to get the materials they need to achieve their sustainable mission.

Providers are welcome to join us with good ideas for a circular marketplace. We are happy to think about a circular marketplace for various industries. Pitch your idea. Then we will discuss it without obligation.


how do we do it?

our vision

Connecting supply and demand

Why throw away what can be reused? We want to make it attractive for companies to offer their residual streams. We also want to make it possible for buyers with a sustainability mission to obtain materials. That’s why we believe in platforms where supply and demand come together and where trading is very easy. Our platforms enable organizations to make the transformation to a circular process.

our process

One marketplace for one chain

Each chain is structured differently. That’s why we first map out your chain together. Based on that, we design a customized platform that is fully compatible with the type of residual stream. On the platform, companies can offer their residual materials with clear specifications and a clear price. Customers can view and purchase the available offerings. This all happens in one digital place. Without financial hassle.

Our product

a unique and simple application

We set up circular trading platforms together with suppliers in the chain, tailored to the unique characteristics of a residual stream. Providers post their offer with a few clicks, see the bids made and can complete transactions through the platform. Interested parties can easily search the offer and purchase the desired amount of material.


What About Earth is a collaboration of 7 innovative companies. Each with sustainability as an essential part of their DNA. With our combined knowledge, our years of experience and our drive for sustainable business, we want to help buyers and suppliers take a step further towards a circular economy.

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What About Earth is a company with a mission: to help organisations make the transition to circularity. We do this with trading platforms: simple applications that allow suppliers to bring post-industrial and post-business waste back into the chain and buyers with a sustainable mission to get useful residual material.

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